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  • We have an agile, adaptable, slick route to market your property with a view to get maximum attention. Maximum attention = more offers!
  • We market luxury £1million or more properties to potential buyers using marketing avenues that other agents often do not use.
  • We take pride in our service, are proud of the value we add and never cut quality by lowering our fee.
  • What does it say about your agent and their level of negotiation, if they negotiate down their fee? Still feel confident they can handle the sale of your biggest asset?
  • We do not look to sell every home under the sun, we only take on quality listings, at market prices that we can sell within 30 days. We often turn down a lot of vendors looking for a 0.75% sales fee or a stupid listing price. Gaining an instruction to add to our website, just isn’t how we work. 
  • We often work sole agent. We truly believe in the age old adage that there’s only a need for one chef in the kitchen, to cook up a delight and get the property sold.




Why would they want to sell through us?

  • We're specialists in luxury property valued at £1million or more.
  • We have a huge network of international high net worth buyers.
  • We market properties where other Agents do not.
  • Dealing with one agent from inaugural meeting to completion and beyond.
  • Not being passed pillar to post in an arduous sales process, especially during sales progression.
  • Ethical dealing - knowing that your agent isn’t otherwise incentivised to play dirty tricks.
  • Excellent awareness prior to listing property - ensuring the vendor is ready to close quickly once sale is agreed by having legal packs ready and solicitors instructed before the property is even marketed.
  • Having an actual marketing and sales strategy in place, beyond sticking on the portals and hoping for the best.


Who is our target vendor?

Our target vendor is ideally an owner occupier/ investor, who has actual motive and commitment to sell their property at the true market value.

They must be precise in their desired outcome and realistic about how to get that outcome.

Someone who understands and agrees with our way of marketing.

Our target vendor must exemplify this commitment by being in an advanced legal position before we get to marketing.



What is our marketing strategy and how do we maximise exposure for a vendor’s property?

We have a detailed, structured and systemised marketing strategy to ensure we get as much exposure as possible, as fast as possible.

  • Coming soon video/ trailer - brief overview of the property
  • Video walk through of the property - detailing amenities, local attractions and transport links.
  • Pro photos/ floor plan - get listing live on portals.
  • At the same time get live on socials - YT, Insta, FB, Tik Tok, Linkedin 
  • We market properties on platforms that other agents do not use.
  • Build anticipation and vet potential buyers by ensuring an open house for two weeks after listing
  • Market to our extensive network of partner agents, both throughout the Uk and internationally.
  • List offers
  • Help vendor select best offer
  • Proceed to exchange and completion


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