Our Team



Ehsan Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Ehsan Ahmed is a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur, committed to leading the UK’s future number 1 real estate agency. He takes great pride in building great teams and creating leaders. With experience and exposure across fr offering industries such as property management, hospitality and e-commerce, Ehsan Ahmed has the skill set and attributes to make any venture a success. Ehsan Ahmed has a tireless work ethic with overriding core principles of honesty, integrity and longevity.


"Outside of work I love sports, I go to the gym regularly and love to watch boxing and football. I am a big Manchester United fan. Lastly, I love giving back and working with charitable organisations in my community."



James Graham

Director & Co-Owner

James is the founder and owner of a national property law firm and an Estate Agency covering the West Midlands. in 2021 James was nominated as a finalist for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards. He is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record within the property industry despite his young age. James decided to join EA Real Estate in 2023 alongside fellow Director Mo Usama to join forces with Ehsan and create and a grow a reputable Luxury Estate Agents.


"Outside of work I'm a keen runner and boxer, I often participate in Marathons such as the Virgin London Marathon, Richmond Half, Stockholm Marathon and South Downs ultra-Marathon to raise money for various charities. I am currently training for my next marathon in Stockholm in June!"



Mo Usama

Director & Co-Owner

Mo, an Egyptian born entrepreneur, created a career for himself in Dubai, selling luxury villas and homes to HNWI. Mo ran his own company and employed nearly 50 agents. In 2021 Mo and James connected as Mo wanted to pursue a career in London whilst his brother took over his existing business in Dubai. Mo has an unwavering level of commitment to his work and generates out of the box ideas to maximise the value that his Clients receive, for rentals and sales.


"Outside of work I In my spare time, I engage in various activities that bring me joy and fulfillment. One of my passions is giving back to the community through charitable endeavours. 
Additionally, I go to the gym to wind-down from work. Regular exercise not only keeps me fit and healthy but also allows me to clear my mind and relieve stress. I have a deep appreciation for exploration, I love venturing into new places, whether it's going on walks in London, or immersing myself in different cultures. Exploring not only broadens my mindser but also provides me with valuable contacts and knowledge."



Shah Riyaadh

Partner Associate

Shah joined EA Real Estate in 2023, Shah impressed the Directors of EA with his persistence, obvious communication skills and impressive property experience through the professions of his family. Shah had worked his way up to become a Manager in a luxury goods brand whilst helping his father manage, buy and sell properties. Shah brings a motivational spirit and smile to EA and aligns with the vision, mission and values of EA Real Estate.




Abul Rob

Partner Associate

Abul Rob has been in the property sector since 2004 and brings a wealth of knowledge to EA Real Estate in both the UK and overseas markets that includes UAE, Turkiye (Turkey), Georgia and Uzbekistan. Rob is an entrepreneur with a zeal for real estate and he has established a vast network of consummate professionals who are able to navigate through all aspect of real estate transactions across the globe. Over the years, Rob has navigated his clients through calm and turbulent waters through his natural ability to think outside of the box and his meticulous attention to build a long-term relationship to deliver a consistent win for his client.


Rob’s pride and joy are his two children and this is where most of his investment are made in way of education and constant development of their growth. Other than his family, he is an avid globe trotter, a mentor in the start-up scene and a day trader in the financial markets.