Why EA Real Estate?

  • We are an ambitious and progressive brokerage dedicated to the success of our partner agents and Clients.
  • The vehicle is only as good as the driver, our drivers are dedicated to aggressive expansion, with a long term mindset and a clear vision.
  • Clean, easy to implement systems and processes that allow our partner agents to hit the ground running.
  • We have an excellent pool of marketing resources, both offline and online.
  • Strong training and smooth guidance, especially for newer agents coming into the industry.
  • We help our agents create their own personal brand, grow their worth within their market/ industry and realise their long term vision, life vision.


What is the EA RE company culture?

Company culture is based on commitment, progression, expansion and consistency.

  • Commitment to serving the long term vision of the company and fulfilling your own vision as a result.
  • Progression, taking small steps, daily. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and building and eliminating accordingly.
  • Expansion, a company cannot grow, if it’s team doesn’t grow, both in numbers and in stature.
  • Consistency, consistently focusing on all of the above and allowing the over arching vision to guide you through the highs and lows. Consistently pushing to progress and expand, whilst consistently committing to long term results.




Who is our target partner agent?

  • A committed and coachable person who has a desire to fulfill their potential in real estate.
  • Someone who has the heart to take a leap of faith in themselves, follow our company blueprint and work to serve our clients to the highest possible level.
  • Someone who wants to establish their ‘forever’ career.
  • Doesn’t have to be someone who is massively experienced. Attitude, willingness to learn and quick implementation often beat experience, when experience is stuck in its old ways and mindset.


What are the agent guidelines for success in this business?

  • Entrepreneurial and positive mindset
  • Commitment to success in this field
  • Long term, realistic time frames of achievement 
  • Implementing our training and processes
  • Exemplary personal presentation that characterises you personally.
  • Organisation of your day/ week/ month and executing plan of action on push and pull marketing.
  • Perseverance, follow up and working your vision.


How will we add value to our partner agents?

  • Expansive, intense and ongoing training
  • Provide all resources required to canvas properties, market properties and stay organised.
  • A systemised and proven process to generate sales and live life on your terms.
  • Implementing an entrepreneurial way of operating, not an employee way.
  • Help you clarify your vision, understand your vision, work towards your vision and hold you accountable to your vision.